The Gladiator series is also made with the same engineering and craftsmanship. The blade is made from single piece of high-carbon German steel with divots for reducing food suction. It has a ergonomic Spanish Pakkawood handle that adds to it’s appeal and provides control and comfort. The knife’s lighter than a western chef’s knife, yet still has a slightly curved belly to allow super-fast mincing. It also has a relatively flat heel for dicing super-thin vegetable slices and oval divots on the blade to minimize food suction. Its ergonomic santoprene handle provides excellent comfort and accuracy, allowing you to finely chop vegetables non-stop for hours without hurting your hands.

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  • It’s worth investing in the best mini food processor even if you already have a full-size model in your kitchen.
  • Personally, I recommend the large size of 13 x 4 x 7 inches.
  • If you are looking for a tool that’s more than just a vegetable chopper, then this one might be the best choice for you.

Sometimes, onions have thicker skins than others which can cause strain to the blade and lid. The springs in the hinges will be stretched if thicker foods aren’t pressed down in one quick movement. It is better to cut your vegetables into quarters or halves so that they can fit in the middle of the chopper.

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Everything that you slice is pasta machine caught in the container below causing little mess to clean up. When not in use all of the accessories store neatly inside the container away from harm. There is a handguard included that secures food that you need to slice.

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These are the products we considered that ultimately didn’t make our top 5. This pick is great for those who don’t have a ton of space. Simply fill the cup up with your vegetables, then press down to commence chopping!

Like the Godmorn Mandoline All in 1 Professional Vegetable Chopper, the TTLife Good Grips chopper offers several blade attachments to provide plenty of function in the kitchen. The Good Grips Pro-11 proclaims quality, BPA-free construction and 430 stainless steel blades that offer the sharpness and precision one needs for adequate prep. Each pull on this Rosle vegetable cutter allows the double blade system to spin seven times, thus, requiring very little effort on your part and being quiet fun for the kiddos. The machine gladly does the guesswork for you with its patented cutting mechanism while providing the ergonomics you deserve with its comfortable handle and non-slip base. As an added bonus, this vegetable cutter also includes a basket for drying herbs.

Invest in this dynamic kitchen tool that is a mandolin slicer on one side and a cabbage shredder on the other side. This two in one grater and slicer helps create fine strips of vegetables including uniformly cut cabbage slices for your coleslaw and sauerkraut. For increased safety, it comes with a hand guard which helps keep your fingers away from the blades. The shredder has a versatile design that allows you to lay it flat when shredding or hold it over a cutting board. The meals you make will determine the capacity you need for the chopper.

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It boasts of an ergonomic design with a soft grip rubber handle that gives you a firm grip as you work. It also has a non-skid base that ensures stability as you chop your onions. No more tears when it comes to slicing onions since Fullstar has designed this Vegetable and Onion Slicer to make life easy in your kitchen. It boasts of four easy to use blades made of heavy duty rust resistant stainless steel. The blades can dice small pieces, large pieces, spiral cuts and ribbon cuts. The blades are strong and don’t bend even when you cut crunchy items.With one easy lid locking motion, you will have your onions diced or sliced without any tears.

The processor has a drizzle basin at the top where you can add oil or other liquids when pureeing or mixing soups, sauces, or dressing. We’ve reviewed 11 products, and from our findings, the Hamilton Beach is the best vegetable chopper owing to its ease of use, efficiency, and multi-functionality. Its usability and practicality – it’s designed for use in any kitchen and its compact build ensures minimal uptake of space – make it a top choice for many. Check the Products Review segment to read more about this particular vegetable chopper and see how it compares to the other products we tested. The vegetable chopper also has features like mixing the food items or grinding meat to make meatballs. Depending on your required features, you need to choose the best vegetable chopper to reduce your kitchen mess and make the food preparation process easier.

It took a fair amount of force to push the potato through with control, and I can’t say it was worth it. Loading up the tomato for slicing revealed the first problem. You are limited by the size of the chute, about 2.75”×3.5”, so you have to cut down even pretty medium vegetables. Even the half-tomato we started with needed a little trim. Once it got going, though, the tomato sliced nice and clean. Since it has to go in longwise, the Once for All can only make short stubby fries.