Manually edit a citation style using the Citation Style editor. The format for both the in-text citation and reference list can be changed.

  1. Click on the “Change Citation Style” button.
  2. Select a citation style you wish to edit, then click on the “Edit this style”.


  3. You can customize In-Text Citation Style, Bibliographic Citation Style and keep track of the changes you have made using the preview window on the right.


  4. Each field has a associated editing box. The focus display field will also be highlighted in the preview window. You can change the format of the display field in an editing box. Changes are shown in the preview window.


  5. In addition, you can the order of display field by dragging and dropping it into the appropriate box.


  6. To remove the display field, drag and drop it into the drop box.


  7. If no further changes need to be made, click save/apply style. Give a name to a customized style.