1. From supported databases :
Web Importer allow you to import bibliographic data directly from web pages into your CiteReady account. First go to any of supported websites. Type your search terms within the search bar in the supported website. After performing the search, click on the Web Importer to collect bibliographic data from your search results. A checkbox will appear beside each search result. Check on the checkbox for the search result you intent to import. Next, click on the link in the Web Importer window to import these entries into your CiteReady account. Select a folder to save these entries. Click on save. Go to CiteReady and refresh the folder to view the new lead added entries. You references have been successfully saved.


2. Snippets from any WebPage :
You can use Web Importer to save snippets from any webpage. Highlight the desire section of the webpage you wish to capture. Click on Web Importer in the toolbar.. The choose has been added to the abstract. To copy additional information from the webpage or to add any of these fields, click on edit. You can also take a snapshot of the page by clicking on the save snapshot checkbox. Select a folder to save this entry. Click on save. Go to CiteReady and refresh the selected folder to see the items you have saved. The items have been successfully imported into your collection. If you have saved a snapshot of the webpage, you can click on “view” icon to see the webpage in your CiteReady.