You can add any files from your Google Drive & Dropbox to CiteReady through a few clicks. These files will be listed as attachments to your CiteReady item, and can be linked anytime from CiteReady. You can add as many files as you like, regardless of file type or size.

Why and when to use it :

  • When you want to attach a file which is already in cloud storage to an CiteReady item
  • When the file size is too big to upload, or file type is not supported by CiteReady, such as .zip, .wmv, .png, etc.
  • Put every resource related to your CiteReady item together for easy access, from anywhere in the world

Here’s how you do it :

  • Select any item from your folder
  • Mouse over to “upload” on item detail panel, and select

“Insert item from Google Drive” if you want to add a file from Google Drive, or
“Insert item from Dropbox” if you want to add a file from Dropbox


You will be prompted to log in to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. After login, select any files from any folders. Folders or files shared to you by others can be selected as well.


From Google Drive


Select one file and choose”Select”

You can also upload a file from your local computer to Google Drive, and a link to CiteReady will be created automatically at the same time.

To do this, choose “Upload” on top to drag or select a file from your local computer.



From Google Drive



Select one file and choose “Choose”

You can also upload a file from your local computer to Dropbox here by clicking “Upload” at top right.

After selecting files, a link to the file will show on CiteReady. You can click the link to open the file, or delete the link by clicking the red X.



If you have multiple accounts of Google Drive or Dropbox, you might need to log in using different accounts.

To share an CiteReady item with Google Drive / Dropbox links to your CiteReady colleagues, enable option “F” when you share the folder. Go to Help > Tutorials > Colleague for further details.

Note: your colleague might need your permission to access these files in Google Drive / Dropbox. Follow the instructions on Google Drive / Dropbox.