1. Below is CiteReady’s user interface. There are three panels, folder panel, item list panel and bibliographic panel. Besides journal references, you can also collect books, patents, videos, and website and books.


2. Most of the features in CiteReady can be accessed from the tool bar, or by right click.


3. You can search for new references from pubmed. To copy references, drag and drop them directly into the target folder.


4. In the add menu, we provide you with four options to add new items to your collections.

  • manual entry: You can manually add a new reference into you collections.
  • upload file(s): You can upload you PDF into CiteReady. When it available, the bibliographic data will be retrieved from pubmed. You can also use CiteReady streaming reader to read your uploaded files on-line without having to download the whole file.
  • import from clipboard: You can import a list of references by copy and paste. With one click, bibliographic data will be imported from pubmed.
  • import from RIS: Export bibliographic data from your current reference manager as a RIS file. You can import it into CiteReady.


5. You can improve the locate PDF function by linking it to your library.


6. To see your colleagues, click on the my colleagues bar.