Citation Tool inserts citations from your CiteReady account directly into your documents and allows universal compatibility between different word processors – Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2010 & 2016(Windows and Mac).

Collaborative citing is made easy with universal compatibility.

Universal compatibility means that you can take a document cited in one word processor, import it into another word processor and still be able to continue to insert citations and to generate bibliography dynamically.

Patent Importer :

Found a patent on USPTO, Espacenet or Google Patents? Use Web Importer to import directly into your collections. We can also automatically import the PDF from Google Patents.

Bibliographic data of all the citations are stored on the cloud.

All the citations inserted in your documents using CiteReady are stored on the cloud. This allows you and your colleagues to share bibliographic data of your references without having to send each other library files.

Check originality of your work when writing.

Use Citation Tool to check originality any time when you edit your work, so to prevent and correct any unintentional plagiarism before the work is completed or submitted.

Download Citation Tool

For the user who use macOS 10.15 and above, please install the CiteReady CitationTool 64-bit and Mono (Required for 64-bit CitationTool)

For Windows users, Citation Tool icon would be added-on to MSWord toolbar after installation.

For Mac users, Citation Tool would be listed as individual app and should be opened separately from MSWord.

For further instruction on how to use Citation Tool, please see Citation Tool Help Page.

Citation Tool can run on MS Word 2003 or above (Windows & Mac).